Every Dreams deserves
a Unique Texture

let your space do the talking

Elevate your living space with NewMika laminates. Our contemporary designs blend style with logic, creating durable and effortlessly stylish surfaces. Transform your space into an artistic haven with ease!

home to the science of logical living

NewMika laminates offer a range of well-tested surface solutions. 

They are 99.99% bacteria-free, crack-resistant, non-toxic, dry heat resistant, and travel stress-free. They can withstand steam, scratches, boiling water, and more. 

Choose NewMika for the ultimate laminate experience!

let curiosity take over

NewMika's laminates dominate the market with an impressive range of 4 new textures, 75 new designs, and over 370 decors in neutral-toned color palettes. Exalt your living space with our inspiring product range.

NewMika is a universe in itself! Decorative Laminates that are specially designed for restless minds that seek a bold and future forward expression.